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To install the Instant Tipper, begin by securing the four tie down points on the base of the unit to the Ute Body. Make sure to use the appropriate straps and tighten them securely. If you plan to use the Instant Tipper on a regular basis, we recommend bolting the base to the Ute Body for a more secure installation. The process is simple and we have a guide for both of these fixings below.


Once the installation is complete, your Instant Tipper is ready for use.





Strapping in Tip Tub with Tie Down Straps

Temporary Fixing

Temporary fixing is the easiest and quickest method for installation.  Especially if you only need to do one load.  There are 4 tie down points attached to the base of the frame.  Make sure the frame is as far back in your vehicle as possible (hard up again the tailgate).  The frame can then be secured to the anchors on your ute with either Tie Down Strapping or other Load Restraints.  To ensure that the frame doesn't lift when tipping it is important that the back straps are secured lower than the tie down point at the front of the vehicle.

Please refer to the Installation Guide for Temporary Fixing

Tip Tub strapped into well body Ute

Semi Permanent Fixing

If you are using the Tip Tub on a regular basis and want a more permanent fixing we recommend bolting the frame to the base of your Ute Body.  There are a number of fixing points on the base to enable this to be done.

Please refer to the Installation guide for further information.

Instruction Video - 'Bolting-In' - frame

Remember to Cover the Load

Make sure you comply with local traffic laws and cover your load.  This can easily be done with a tarp, netting and ratchet straps. 


Tip Tubs has a Custom Cover that fits over the load and can be easily strapped down.

Loaded Tip Tub with cover on back of Ute Tray


If you don't need your Tip Tub on a regular basis, it is easily removed from the Vehicle and can be stored away.  The Tub and frame can be stored safely on its end to take up minimal space.

Tip Tub easily stored on end in garage
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