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Tip Tub being setup in back of Well Body Utility

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  • How large is the Tub?
    The tub is 1210mm wide x 1285mm long and 270mm deep. 0.42 cubic metres. Loads can be higher than the tub. Just make sure you strap them down.
  • What does the Tip Tub cost?
    Retail cost for the Well Body Model of the Tip Tub is $2,860 including GST. Check out our Online Store
  • I have a Trailer.  Will the Tip Tub fit this?
    Yes. We have a second design that fits Utilities with Tray Tops and will also fit onto trailers.
  • Will a Tip Tub suit my Well Body Utility?
    The Tip Tub has been designed to suit most Dual Cab Well Body Utilities. This includes from the smallest Well Body type to the largest. The top 9 Well Body Utes sold in Australia all fit the Tip Tub. Want to double check - the Length of the Well Body needs to be at least 1445mm - the Width between the arches needs to be at least 1080mm If you have a hard top cover on the ute this unfortunately will be in the way. Canopies over the Ute depend on the style of canopy. Check out our You Tube channel for further information.
  • I have a Tray Top Utility.  Will the Tip Tub suit this?
    We have a second design will suit all ute trays and trailers. This is similar to the existing Tip Tub but without the folding arm that drops down onto the tailgate. The base frame length is 1260mm and the width is 915mm.
  • How much does it hold?
    The Tub can hold 0.42 cubic metres if the load is level. You can definitely go higher with the load as long as you cover and secure the load. We have had up to 400kgs of sand easily fit in the tub. This is equivalent to 8 Wheel Barrow loads, 40 Shovel loads, 2 Kanga loads and we've piled up high with branches and lawn clippings. It is surprising how much it can hold but the best thing is as it's so quick to unload you have time to refill.
  • Is the Tip Tub easy to install?
    Yes. The base frame has 4 anchor points that can be secured with Tie Down Straps to the Ute Body. This can be done is a matter of minutes. It is important when doing this that the base is anchored downwards to avoid it lifting when tipping. The base frame can also be bolted onto the body of the ute if you have anchor points ready to go.
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