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Tip Tubs is an Instant and Temporary Tipper that transforms your Ute or Trailer within minutes.  Simply load the base frame onto your vehicle, tie down with straps, slide in the trolley, load up, cover your load and empty within seconds.  It's that easy!

At Tip Tubs, we believe that time is precious and your health and safety is even more precious.  We've created an Instant Tipper that makes unloading not only easy but fast.  No more using the shovel and your back to unload your ute or trailer.  Simply back up to where you want to dump your load, lower the tailgate, pull the locking mechanism, stand to the side and pull the trolley.  All done within seconds.


The best part is that when you're finished you can have your Ute back for Recreation and Family.  Brilliant!!!


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What is a Tip Tub?

Tipping out bricks at rubbish tip
Tip Tub fitting into well body Hilux Ute

Easy on your Body

No more spending an hour at the Rubbish Tip trying to unload by hand.  At Tip Tubs, we make it easy to unload your rubbish with our innovative Instant Tipper.


If you have any type of Tipper at the Rubbish Dump you can simply back up to the site and unload in seconds. 


If you don't have a tipper you have to back up to the drop zone and unload by hand over the rail.


Our state of the art Tip Tub takes less than 20 seconds to empty, allowing you to quickly move on with your job.

More importantly it is easy and less stress on your body.


Get in touch today to find out more.

Easy to Unload

At Tip Tubs, we provide an innovative and temporary solution to unloading your vehicle in seconds.

Our Tip Tubs are designed to take the hard work out of unloading your waste to the recycling depot. With our product, you can pull up to the rubbish tip and within 20 seconds have emptied your load - all with minimal effort and stress on your body.

So let us help you make your life easier and your waste management more efficient. 

How Is It Made

The Tip Tub comes in two sections and is easy to install. The base section is a powder coated steel frame and sits between the wheel arches of your Utility body. At the end of the base frame is a drop down section that sits on the tailgate. Finally, the Tub is attached permanently to the wheel frame.  This has large nylon wheels and slides easily into the base frame and locks into position.

Our product is designed to save you time, effort and money when it comes to transporting materials. With Tip Tubs, you can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

400kilograms of bricks loaded into the Tip Tub
Loading Kanga bucket of black mulch into Tip Tub on back of utility

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